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VisiReality, an innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product from the renowned VisiTrans GmbH, offers trade fair organizers and their customers a groundbreaking opportunity to experience presentations at trade fair stands in a completely new dimension. 

This innovative concept revolutionizes product presentations and sets completely new standards. Whether it's large machinery, vehicles, plantations, highly magnified processes or parts of your production, VisiReality focuses your customers' attention on the most important messages of your products. It breaks through the limitations of conventional presentations and creates a unique experience for trade fair visitors, who can immerse themselves in the world of augmented reality and experience the details of your products up close. In addition, VisiReality acts as a customer magnet and positions you and your products in an extremely future-oriented light.

The concept embodies a groundbreaking innovation in the trade fair market that will quickly spread and attract a large number of visitors. The AR content can be easily visualized using mobile devices, which are now carried by almost every trade fair visitor. Alternatively, the special glasses offered by VisiTrans provide an even more immersive and impressive display, which can be rented.

In summary, VisiReality not only represents the decisive first step into the fascinating world of augmented reality but also offers trade fair organizers and visitors alike the opportunity to usher in a new era of trade fair experiences through state-of-the-art presentation technologies. We are happy to offer you the complete package to make this possible.

VisiReality: The new form of exciting trade fairs

Experience a trade fair full of fascinating new possibilities with VisiReality! The QR code will soon be the new key to the world of product presentation via augmented reality at every trade fair stand. VisiReality makes it possible to present objects that were previously considered too complex or impossible. An innovation that not only delights trade fair visitors, but also offers exhibitors a modern method of impressing customers. VisiReality opens up completely new perspectives for trade fair organizers and sets new standards in presentation at trade fairs. Welcome to the future of trade fair presentation!

Present products in a fascinating way

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that superimposes digital information, such as images, videos or sounds, onto the real world, usually via mobile devices or specialized glasses. It thus expands the perception of reality by adding virtual elements.

VisiReality not only serves as an impressive presentation tool, but also attracts numerous visitors as a customer magnet.
Mobile devices or the special glasses from VisiTrans create an immersive experience.

Augmented reality complements trade fair

Discover the future of trade fair presentations with VisiReality! Augmented reality enables even small stands to present great things. Immerse yourself in immersive experiences and impressive presentations - cost-efficient and fascinating. Revolutionize your trade fair experience now!

The fascinating world of augmented reality (AR) is making its way into the trade fair and exhibition landscape to bring about a revolutionary change. In this exciting new era, even small exhibition stands will have the opportunity to showcase great things and display complex products in an impressive way - all at a comparatively minimal cost.

The true triumph of AR lies not only in the visual presentation, but also in the considerable financial savings compared to conventional presentation methods. The costly transportation, set-up and handling of large exhibits is replaced by the ease and flexibility of AR technology. This means that even smaller exhibitors can now offer an immersive presentation that would otherwise not be accessible to a limited budget.

But AR is more than just a cost-effective alternative; it is a technology that attracts and focuses the attention of trade fair visitors. By using AR glasses, not only are visual elements integrated into the real environment, but sound is also transmitted in an impressive three-dimensional way. The result is a unique, immersive experience that draws trade fair visitors directly into the world of the product being presented.

VisiReality plays a decisive role in this new era. Offered exclusively via the trade fair and event companies, this innovative product can be booked together with the stand space. The complete package makes implementation much easier: your drawings and texts are converted into an AR format and the result can be made visible via AR glasses - a cost-effective solution that enables impressive presentations.

The connection between the AR glasses and the presentation is made via a code that is attached to your exhibition stand. This code enables access to changing files, allowing an almost infinite number of presentations to be accessed via the AR glasses. This flexibility, coupled with the allure of augmented reality, promises to transform the trade fair experience, delighting exhibitors and visitors alike. Welcome to the future of trade fair presentations!

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Real-time visualization

The technology enables unique and vivid representations of large machinery and industrial complexes.
Visitors immerse themselves in augmented reality and experience these impressive facilities up close.

One code, ..many presentations

Experience limitless variety with our AR technology! Simply scan the QR code with your AR glasses and gain access to a digital data storage compartment. You can store a variety of different files here - from presentations to virtual tours. The highlight: the code remains the same, the content is infinitely variable. Discover the future of content visualization with effortless access to an endless world of information!

Future-proof for AR glasses and smartphones

In the initial development stage, VisiReality is focusing on optimization for AR glasses. The technology is being actively developed further with the aim of enabling broader applicability and simpler displays, including via smartphones. This strategic development underlines our commitment to making the use of VisiReality more flexible and accessible in order to meet the individual needs of our users.

Nothing overlooked / short distances

VisiReality's innovative functionality gives trade fair visitors the opportunity to mark specific products of interest. This enables a personalized trade fair experience by displaying relevant information at each stand that carries these products. In addition, visitors can mark their preferred stands and receive targeted instructions via the display to get to the desired locations efficiently and specifically. These user-friendly features help to optimize the trade fair experience and intensify the interaction between visitors and exhibitors.

VisiReality - at a glance


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